Trainer Kathy Galleher on Using Style Matters

Consultant Oma Drawas on Using Style Matters

What Trainers Say About Style Matters


This report tallies your answers to describe your patterns in conflict. It’s designed around two key choices:

Goals Relationship

How hard do we push for things we want? We can have high focus on goals (regarding an issue, decision, or task) or low focus.

How hard do we try to please others and keep relationships strong? We can have low focus on relationships or high focus.

These two factors interact to give five styles of responding to conflict.  Note how they interact and the five styles that result in the circle chart below. Each style has important benefits; each also has significant costs if over-used.  In conflict you use one or more of these styles, depending on your focus. Your scores below indicate the styles you use most and least.  If you're online, you can view a short visual presentation of the styles here and review the benefits and dangers of each style here.