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About the Combination of Compromising and Avoiding in Storm Settings

You scored high for both Compromising and Avoiding in Storm. This combination has a particular character you should be aware of so you can maximize its strengths and minimize its limitations. 

Strengths of this combination:  These combo brings together the inclination of the Compromising style to seek practical, each-side-gives-a-little solutions with Avoiding's dedication to caution and preserving the known.  People who score high in this combination tend to move with care, one step at a time, seeking out low-risk solutions and avoiding jumping into anything too quickly.  

Limitations of this combination:  This combination has particular limitations as well that you should be aware of.   One could be an excess of caution.  The Avoiding style is risk averse.   Coupled with the inclination of the Compromising style to seek moderate, in-between responses, this might result in a low-energy response to conflict.   

Another danger can be superficial solutions.  The Compromising style can come off as uninterested in engaging deeply on the issues, interested only in getting a deal in order to move on.  The Avoiding style tends to detach and withdraw.  The resulting combination may be half-heartedness.  

How to benefit from the strengths and reduce your exposure to limitations:  If the above has a ring of truth for you, consider these ideas:

1) Study the Support  Tips for both styles, under the tab for each on the Support page.  Those are things others can do to support you and if you understand them you can more easily ask for or create support you need.

2) Use a Two Step Approach, which is valuable to many people with Avoiding instincts.

3) Good preparation is important.  This will help you stay engaged longer.  

4) Journalling is likely to be especially useful as a preparatory step.

5) Think through your values and principles.  This will help to balance the instinct of Compromisers to make a quick deal, any deal that resolves things.  It will also address the need of the Avoider to feel grounded in something deep and safe.   Clarity about what really matters to you will help protect you against the limitations of these styles.

6) Discuss process often with others and maintain clarity about it.  This will bring depth and courage to your side of the the table.